Finding a Trustworthy COVID-19 Testing Site

When COVID-19 first took the world by storm, the world was unprepared. A little over two years later, we have vaccines and a variety of different testing methods to help us combat the spread of the virus. In the last year, we have seen COVID-19 infection numbers fluctuate with the arrival of variants like Delta, which would push more and more people to get tested with the risk of reinfection. 

The most recent COVID-19 variant, Omnicron, did the same, but as the need for testing resources increases, so does the number of testing sites available. Unfortunately, the increased demand for testing attracts those looking to benefit without providing accurate or reliable testing. 

An example of one of these situations was recently highlighted in a USA Today article, written by Grace Hauck, where she uncovered a testing center in Chicago where the owners were producing incorrect testing numbers in order to receive large renversements from the government, then using the money to flaunt their lavish lifestyle. The article states:

“An 81-page report discovered the lab was in immediate jeopardy.” Among different issues, the report discovered the lab didn’t guarantee all personnel had applicable coaching, didn’t have applicable gear, didn’t adjust to state reporting necessities, didn’t receive a required state lab license, didn’t keep confidentiality of affected person data, didn’t precisely establish affected person samples submitted for PCR testing and didn’t doc complaints and issues reported to the lab.”

The pandemic has taken a toll on the world and everyone who inhabits it. Testing for COVID-19 should be readily available for anyone who needs it, but unfortunately, similar to the situation above, there will always be someone looking to exploit a need for their own personal gain. 

How To Find A Trustworthy Testing Site?

Instances like the one mentioned above spur the question, “How do you find a trustworthy testing site?” 

The easiest way to know if you can trust your testing site, accuracy of results, and private information is to ensure your testing site is a CLIA certified laboratory. Direct to lab testing has become much more accessible, and now you can find options for Rapid Antigen and Rapid or traditional RT-PCR COVID-19 testing. When you go to a CLIA certified laboratory directly, not only can you receive your results faster but also ensure your going to a reliable and credible source for COVID-19 testing. 

With COVID-19 variants causing increases in cases all across the country, it is clear that you can still contract COVID-19 if you are vaccinated. The CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people be tested for COVID 3-5 days following known exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. If you have any questions, concerns, or need testing, we can help. Contact My Labs Direct at 877-355-7978 or visit MyLabsDirect to learn more. 

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