Women’s Health Month: Finding the right Blood Test for You

Its May! That means it’s National Women’s Health Month and the perfect time to check up on your health to ensure you are as healthy as possible. Being “healthy” in 2022 isn’t as simple as eating your veggies every day, and there can be a lot of conflicting information on the internet, Tik-Tok, or even from your doctor’s office.

Whether you’ve chosen to follow the latest fad diet or implement a trending workout routine, being mindful of your health is a great way to start, but the only accurate way to know what happens inside your body is through a blood test.

The best thing you can do to optimize your health goals is to understand how your body is currently functioning fully. Below we discuss which test is right for you based on the symptoms you may be having.

Which Blood Test is Right for you?

Have you ever felt off? Like something isn’t right? Are you just not sure where the issue is coming from but want to check everything to be sure? Our Women’s Complete Wellness Test gives you a complete insight into your body’s overall health. You won’t find a more comprehensive test profile on the market, from general chemistry and micronutrient values to advanced assays, including hormone levels, thyroid function, inflammation markers, and factors related to heart health.


Have you ever felt relentlessly tired? Like no amount of sleep or caffeine seems to help? Do you feel foggy and not all there? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to lose weight? My Labs Direct’s Thyroid Health Test provides specific detail about your thyroid function and the hormones that it releases. Thyroid hormones impact energy levels, body weight, body temperature, cholesterol levels, and more!


Have you ever felt suddenly lightheaded or had that weird feeling like you’re sick but not entirely? This could be due to a nutritional deficiency. Nutritional Deficiencies can occur in even the healthiest of people. No matter your diet. Our Basic Nutrition & Lifestyle Risk gives you a detailed analysis of how your body is absorbing nutrients, allowing you to optimize your diet and supplementation habits. In addition, nutrition testing can evaluate the levels of macronutrients and micronutrients in the blood, giving you better insight into what your body has in excess or if there are any deficiencies.

Nutritional testing has many uses, such as assessing blood chemistry, hormone function, gut health, metabolic function, blood sugar regulation, food sensitivities and allergies, organ function, etc.


The information provided by blood tests is an invaluable tool to better understand how your body is functioning and what areas may need attention. Understanding how your body functions allow you to better optimize your lifestyle to achieve maximum results at the start of the new year! If you have any questions, concerns, or need testing, we can help. Contact My Labs Direct at 877-355-7978 or visit MyLabsDirect to learn more.

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