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Covid-19 Testing & More
Turnkey, fully customizable solutions for organizations of any size.

MyLabsDirect offers several on-site, off-site, and at-home testing options to keep your organization healthy.

Covid-19 testing has never been this easy. MyLabsDirect is leading the nation with mandate-compliant testing for employers, schools, universities, travel, and events. Working directly with MyLabsDirect, a CLIA-certified laboratory, ensures the chain of custody on testing, results, and HIPAA secure testing data. We offer turnkey solutions, 7 days a week, anytime anywhere. We provide staffing, supplies, and results that seamlessly integrate into your organization’s schedule.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with you to implement a plan to test everyone. Our goal is to provide the gold standard of RT-PCR testing whether it’s for the unvaccinated, vaccinated, those that are traveling, or event compliance. Everyone receives the same level of care, and all the results are in one convenient dashboard. Our ability to test on-site, off-site, or in the home makes MyLabsDirect the unprecedented leader in laboratory testing. We offer RT-PCR COVID-19, Antibody, drug, alcohol, wellness testing, and more. 

Real time results, built for business

Our HIPAA secure dashboard is another feature that sets us apart. Our dashboard is available free of charge to any size company. Completely customizable, it holds all of your testing data including vaccination status, and people that are out of compliance. All results are in real-time, enabling you to get fast results and reports with the click of a button.

True 24/7 lab testing that is available anytime, anywhere only through MyLabsDirect.

On-site Testing

Our mobile team of certified collectors will come to your business, school, home, or event. National coverage is available anytime, anywhere, 7 days a week.

Off-site Testing

MyLabsDirect offers access to convenient walk-in locations near you.

Mobile Testing

National employee testing is available through our mobile concierge team. MyLabsDirect is ready to roll out our CLIA-certified vans for convenient and immediate testing 7 days a week, wherever you may be.

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CONTACT US TODAY and a MyLabsDirect teammate will provide you with a simple, customized COVID-19 testing solution that will keep your organization compliant, safe, and ready to get back to business.



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