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Find out if you have antibodies from a previous infection or a vaccine from one of our antibody tests today.

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Three Easy Ways to Get Tested

Talk about convenience! Schedule a mobile-concierge appointment and we’ll send one of our certified phlebotomists right to your front door. A one-time collection fee of $99 will be added to your order whether we are testing one person or a group.

*Your dedicated concierge will contact you after check-out to confirm your appointment and to collect your fee.

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On the go? Schedule an appointment to one of our physical testing locations to have your sample collected in a clean and sterile environment by one of our certified phlebotomists.

This sample collection service is free of charge.

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That was easy! Our test kits allow you to collect your own sample anytime, anywhere. Simply purchase your kit, collect your sample and return using the pre-paid overnight return label.

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The MyLabsDirect Difference

Our Covid-19 Total Antibody Test is one of the only antibody tests on the market that can tell you if you have protective antibodies from a vaccine or if you still have antibodies from a previous infection.

Fast Facts

The Coronavirus is made of four main structural proteins: nucleocapsid (N-protein), spike (S-protein), membrane (M-protein) and envelope (E-protein).

N-protein plays an important role in replicating and copying viral RNA.

S-protein contains receptor sites that antibodies bind to in killing a virus.

Vaccines in the US only trigger antibody response against the S-protein.

Most other antibody tests only detect antibodies that have been produced against the N-protein. This means that you may have developed protective antibodies from a vaccine but you will get a false-negative result.

Our test detects antibodies against the S-protein of the virus. This tells you if your vaccine was effective at producing antibodies and/or if you still have antibodies from a previous infection.

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