Employee Lab Testing Made Painlessly Simple!

Delivering an unparalleled lab testing experience proven to increase employee participation in preventative health and wellness improvement programs.

Helping diagnose more than just employee health!

Of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory results but have you considered the impact lab data has on your company’s healthcare management decisions?

What Questions Should Your Business Be Asking?

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  • How many of your employees fail to participate in annual health screenings?
  • What percentage of your total employee population is represented by the health data you use to make critical decisions?
  • Are your high-risk employees participating in routine blood work?
  • Are your employees utilizing your sponsored health and wellness improvement programs?
  • How are you capturing accurate health data on remote worker populations?

The most expensive lab
test is the one you never take.

STOP the Bleeding!
Expose health risk early to help save money on avoidable episodes of care.

Did you know employer costs for medical care and lost productivity associated with heart disease and diabetes combined total over $600 billion per year and are estimated to increase to over $1 trillion by 2035?

See The Breakdown

See The Breakdown

We’re a lab, not a broker

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We cut-out the middleman and process all samples in-house.
This allows us to offer lab testing at guaranteed direct prices with uncompromised quality.

Our User Satisfaction Score averages 97

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Employees love our quick, simple, and pain-free collection process and yours will too.

Supporting health improvement programs, you may already offer

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Our testing solutions can be used to enhance adoption and impact of any program that requires blood testing.

We work with your case management team

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We’ll work directly with your case managers to coordinate individual employee testing anytime, anywhere.

The advantages of flexibility

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We make things simple with lower participation minimums and shorter lead-time requirements. Best of all, we won’t nickel and dime you for things like bilingual staff or privacy screens.

Painlessly Simple Employee Lab testing

Our breakthrough QuickDraw self-collection device is setting a new standard in employee lab testing.

We Make Employee Testing
Painlessly Simple!

Increase employee participation in preventative health and wellness testing through convenient on-site, in-home and in-lab testing options.


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Give your employees the service they deserve through our customized biometric screening events that seamlessly capture critical health data without disruption. Our QuickDraw device makes blood sample collection quick


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Bringing health to the home through convenient self-collection test kits that allow your employees to test anytime, anywhere. Our virtual care team is always available to help guide and instruct the sample collection process.


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LiVWell offers off-site testing at any one of our My Labs Direct lab locations or collection sites.

Mobile Testing

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Ideal for testing remote worksite or your special VIP employees in the comfort of their home or office.

The Employee Dashboard

A smart, simple way for employees to manage their health.

(Tech-savvy background NOT required).

No more guesswork or Google searches trying to decipher lab reports. The Employee Dashboard provides easy-to-understand results and actionable insights to encourage healthy living.

Because healthy lifestyle habits start at home, participants and their family members receive discounts on all services offered through the LiVWell program

Employees can schedule a virtual appointment with a live member of our care team who will review their lab results and recommend a treatment plan. We also offer virtually-guided instruction for at-home lab test collection.

The Employer Dashboard

LiVWell includes an administrative dashboard that presents de-identified member participation rates and monitored diagnostic testing data to demonstrate program impact. 

Customize population health reporting through a variety of filters including geography, employment role, age, race, gender and many more.

Most health and wellness programs fail to drive engagement because they don’t appeal to the interests of employees

We study consumer health trends and behaviors to develop solutions that people want. By enabling access to weight loss management, sexual health, hormone optimization, and other in-demand test-totreat services, our goal is to increase employee participation in healthy living.

Lead With The End In Mind!

Employees are presented access to our services and can choose what they are interested in.

Employee orders an at-home lab test needed to establish their treatment plan. All lab results include diabetic and cardiac risk assessment.
Results are reviewed via virtual consult with a medical provider who will prescribe a treatment plan.

Let’s Get Started

With no upfront fees or PEPM models, we make implementing the LiVWell program easy and affordable. Getting started can take place in fewer than 30-days depending on the number of program integrations you require.


Our engagement will begin through the collaborative development if an action plan designed to ensure shared understanding of your missional objectives.


You’ll be assigned a tactical execution team that will carry through implementation and maintain ongoing communication with your team.


Once your customized testing plan is successfully implemented, we will execute a coordinated launch to your employees that includes marketing assets that clearly communicates the benefits of participating in the LiVWell program.
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